Our Vision
Karavan Turizm is committed to leading the tourism sector in Turkey with a vision focused on delivering high-standard services that offer innovative and luxurious experiences. Our goal is to be the preferred brand at both international and local levels, not just offering travel, but providing unique destinations and memorable journeys that also explore cultural riches and natural beauties. Throughout this process, achieving excellence in quality, safety, and customer satisfaction remains our fundamental priority.
Our Mision
At Karavan Turizm, we commit to maintaining the highest standards of comfort, safety, and customer satisfaction in every service we provide. Our mission is to exceed our guests' expectations on every journey, offering personalized and flawless services. Our travel programs, combined with our professional teams and innovative solutions, are designed to make each experience unique, turning every moment into memorable stories. In this endeavor, continual development and innovation are key factors that distinguish us in the market. Additionally, we aim to contribute to socio-economic development and protect the environment by integrating sustainable tourism practices.
About US

Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1969, Karavan has built a prestigious reputation as one of Turkey’s most enduring travel companies. Our journey began with the visionary Baltazzi family, whose passion for travel and excellence in service laid the foundation for what would become a multi-generational legacy. Today, under the guidance of the Baltazzi brothers, Karavan has flourished into the Karavan Group, a conglomerate that embodies innovation and tradition across its four distinct brands.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Headquartered in the vibrant city of Istanbul, with strategic regional offices in Kuşadası and Antalya, Karavan Group is ideally positioned to manage a comprehensive range of land operations throughout Turkey. Our team of over 130 dedicated professionals works tirelessly to ensure that we meet the challenges of the diverse regions we serve, delivering top-tier service that is both personal and professional.


Specializing in the luxury segment for small ships and yachts, Karavanmar offers bespoke shore excursions, ground handling, and pre-post extensions that guarantee an unforgettable journey marked by luxury and seamless service.

Karavan Travel

Known for its luxury offerings and bespoke services, Karavan Travel is a favorite among top-tier tour operators and travel agents worldwide. Our programs blend cultural immersion with the historical and natural beauty of our destinations, creating extraordinary travel experiences.


At Kmice, creativity is at the core of everything we do, from planning to execution. Our reputation, both international and local, is built on flexible, top-tier service and a forward-thinking approach. We aim to inspire our clients through innovative project management and impeccable event production.

Karavan Cruises

A trailblazer in the Turkish cruise market, Karavan Cruises has been pivotal in establishing a robust local presence for global cruise companies through strategic partnerships and GSA agreements. Our rich resources and expert management contribute to the vibrant cruise industry in Turkey.

Unified by Ambition

As a collective, our goal is to consistently deliver the very best in everything we do. Whether navigating the intricacies of travel logistics or crafting tailor-made experiences, our approach is always defined by haute-couture service and a commitment to excellence. At Karavan Group, we don’t just create trips; we design journeys that last a lifetime.